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Gardening Tips
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Seasonal tips/jobs


  • firm in plants lifted by frost

  • check plant supports and tree ties after a heavy snowfall, shake show off shrubs and conifers

  • if the weather is bad, use the time to plan new features such as rock garden, and to order plants and seeds (check out stock)

  • plant red currants and blackberry


  • if ground is not frozen or too wet, plant deciduous shrubs, trees and roses

  • aerate lawns and apply top dressing if waterlogged

  • complete the planting of fruit trees and bushes

  • prepare seed beds

  • boost fruit trees with a feed of blood fish and bone


  • fork over borders and apply mulch (rotten manure, bark Chipping's etc.).

  • if soil warms up and is dry enough, start sowing hardy annuals if conditions aren't too wet

  • plant herbaceous perennials (see our stock)

  • plant bare rooted trees and shrubs (see our stock)

  • feed all shrubs

  • a good time to introduce new pond plants (see our stock)

  • make a start with vegetable sowing

  • protect seedlings, especially peas from birds

  • sweep and rake lawn to disperse of worm casts


  • give spring bulbs a liquid feed after flowering

  • apply mulch's to trees and shrubs

  • give the lawn its first cut, keeping blades high. Deal with moss by applying a lawn sand to affected areas

  • sow seeds or lay turf for new lawns

  • continue planting herbaceous plants, shrubs and summer flowering bulbs

  • sow biennials and perennials in nursery beds

  • put plant supports in place for plants to grow through

  • feed all roses

  • good time to construct new ponds and spring clean established ones

  • spray shrubs to control disease and pests


  • feed and weed established lawns

  • thin out hardy annuals if necessary

  • spray roses with fungicide and apply a mulch of compost (see our stock)

  • stake tall plants and check climbing plants supports

  • feed borders with general fertiliser (see our stock)

  • start trimming hedges

  • continue to sow vegetables

  • watch out for disease and pests


  • plant out summer bedding and hanging baskets when all danger of frost has passed (we can make up orders of baskets and tubs)

  • apply liquid fertiliser to borders to encourage flowering

  • great time to plant water lilies

  • continue planting salad crops root veg and green vegetables

  • protect strawberry's from slugs ( straw is ideal and stocked)

  • plant out fuchsias


  • continue planting summer flowering perennials

  • water containers twice a day if necessary

  • in hot weather, spray ponds with a hose pipe to increase oxygen content and help fish spawning

  • lift and dry off tulip bulbs, and store for autumn planting

  • continue with disease and pest control

  • trim established hedges and prune shrubs after flowering


  • plant autumn flowering bulbs

  • continue with feeding and pest control

  • spray roses against mildew and black spot

  • order trees and shrubs for autumn planting

  • sow hardy annuals for next year

  • plant strawberry's for next year

  • sow winter spinach and brussel sprouts

  • cut and dry some herbs for winter use


  • prune climbing roses

  • clear borders and containers for summer bedding plants, and plant up for winter and spring interest

  • spray roses against black spot

  • plant evergreen shrubs from mid month

  • trim hedges one final time

  • rake, spike, top-dress and feed the lawn and repair where necessary

  • sow new lawns

  • plant spring cabbage


  • continue planting spring flowering bulbs

  • lift, clean and store gladioli and dahlia tubers after first frosts

  • provide protection against wind for newly planted evergreen shrubs and conifers

  • brush worm casts from the lawn and mow one final time

  • a good time to turf new lawns

  • lawns sown Aug/Sept can be cut if the grown is firm enough

  • protect ponds from falling leaves

  • cut down fruited blackberry's

  • raspberries can be planted in mild weather

  • make sure water and food is available to birds


  • secure trees and climbers against winter gales

  • prune deciduous trees and hedges

  • a good time to plant new hedges

  • plant tulip bulbs

  • plant bare rooted trees and shrubs

  • cut down remaining borders plants

  • fork over borders to relieve compaction

  • move dormant plants to a better site if required

  • a great time to install a fountain or water feature

  • prune apple and pear trees

  • continue digging the vegetable plot


  • call in and order your xmas tree and pick from our fine selection

  • plant deciduous shrubs, trees, roses and climbers

  • aerate lawn and apply a top dressing

  • dig over beds and borders, applying compost or manure in preparation for spring planting

  • tidy greenhouse, and take lawnmower to be serviced. Grease and store tools not needed until spring

  • continue to plant fruit trees and bushes

  • spray established fruit trees and buses with a winter wash to kill the eggs of pests

  • put your feet up for xmas!



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